Being firefighters and riding motorcycles are the two things that the Shreveport Chapter of the Brother's Keepers MC loves doing.  Listed below are some of our up and coming rides.  All rides are open to the public unless otherwise posted.  Come Ride.

06/6/17 - Camp I'm Still Me in Scottsville, TX

18952901 10207263222892641 5928954482878285708 nToday was a great day we donated this check to (Camp I'm Still Me) from Shreveport 1 Longview 13 and Tyler 18 chapters, this takes alot of team work all year to achieve , and alot of sponsors, we could not achieve it with out them , and a big thanks to all our Leaders, like Perry Mcdaniel, Randy Liedtke, Bobby Watson, and James Stark, Damon Johnson,Thank you BROTHERS , and all our Members, and all the other chapters from Natchitoches, Fluorine, and Kentucky, Metroplex, Texarkana, Thibodaux, Brazos County, that come to our events and donate there on money. I LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU Too ALL MY BROTHERS., I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL ON OCTOBER THE 7TH, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, BKFFBK ALWAYS, as I said it all comes down to Team work,    (Papa Joe) see the video here,  https://goo.gl/7sbrik